About Beauteous Magazine

About Beauteous Magazine

Beauteous Magazine is a Urban magazine with a local focus but global appeal to bring independent art, business owners and entertainment to one destination.
​ Location: Knoxville, TN

Who we are

LaKeisha "Lala" Nicole, Founder of Beauteous Magazine, is a Tennessee native with 10+ years of experience in modeling and photography. She has currently earned her degree in Cosmetology. Her passion is to come up with a platform to showcase her many talents while helping other talent in her city get the same exposure, globally. It was just 3 years ago when she started that platform, Beauteous Magazine.

Our mission

Our mission is to entertain and inspire, a global community with a variety of content that provide something of interest for everyone, while supporting the talents, arts, music, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and businesses. Also, to eventually reach the goal of being able to pay our loyal and hard working staff for their contributions and provide enough of an income for its owners to be able to make it their primary focus.

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We would love you to contribute to our magazine. Whatever your speciality or interest, if you're passionate then you have something to say.

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