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In The Music Spotlight: Dylight

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>LaKeisha &quot;Lala&quot; Nicole</a>
by LaKeisha "Lala" Nicole

Article by Tyrone “Dylight” Nance.

“Wud up world! Im the guy Tyrone Nance aka Dylight to my fan base. I am originally from here Knoxville TN born July 8th of the year 1985. I have 4 sisters and one brother and a grip of other family members ya dig. I couldnt help but to be apart of music.

It was litterly everywhere all around me. Im not gonna lie I digged a lil of everything 2pac, Biggie, Common, Slick Rick, Randy Travis, Steven Tyler, Gareth Brooks, The Killers, and so forth. I mean i just got sucked in, and consumed in it.”

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>LaKeisha &quot;Lala&quot; Nicole</a>
by LaKeisha "Lala" Nicole

 “I mean im learning every song, coming with free style extra verses til one day i was told this. Tyrone, you have the talent. All that you have to do is apply your time right and all will work into my favor. From that point on out i was dumb founded. I never would in a million years feel as i was that one of a million ya know. Instead of feeling myself I gave the guy i warm thank you and replied this. Im gonna work on my craft and come up with a whole new sound in itself and when I do…”

“…I will strive to make music history! The first to ever be a nobody to main steam, 7 singles and go viral to the world winning awards for them all. Its at that point i would start my own label and be my own BO$$ ya feels me world?”

“Be on the lookout for my single mix coming soon. Also about to hit the scen lookout world for videos.Yes I am doin videos as we speak im just preparing for the takeover you feel me?

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>LaKeisha &quot;Lala&quot; Nicole</a>
by LaKeisha "Lala" Nicole

Til later stay peaceful K-Town.”

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Facebook: Tyrone Nance.